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Astral Gemstone Talismans
We welcome you to the website of Astral Gemstone Talismans. At AGT we are designing and creating exceptional Jyotish jewelry for three decades. Combining the finest astrological gems, herbal bhasmas, planetary symbols, and certified serial numbers, in handcrafted 21k gold and 925 silver settings, we produce highly original jewelry in harmony with your stars.

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Click Gem Prescription to determine what gems are most favourable according to your Sideral horoscope. In some instances you may already know what type of astrological gems talismans you need. When you know what gem(s) are best for you, then please enter our new on-line boutique, or visit AGT in person at Conrad Hotel's All Seasons Place, La Villa Ari and select Central Department Stores and shows when in Bangkok, Thailand. Welcome!

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Investment Quality, Futuristic, Motivational, Metaphysical, Piezoelectric, Astrological and Personalized Precious Gems Jewelry Creations by Richard Shaw Brown.
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