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Ignorant Skepticism Vs Time-Honored Wisdom

Planetary Gemology: The sidereal astrological science of the relationship between gemstones and the nine planets.

In 1987 I was invited by The President of the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) to give a lecture to his students on the subject of "Planetary Gemology." The audience was extremely interested in the discourse when suddenly I was interrupted by a student who insisted that everything I had said was total nonsense. My question to all sane and level-headed persons is how do you qualify to pass judgement on any subject? How do scientists and philosophers arrive at any conclusion? The student had done no conclusive research nor testing, yet still had the audacity to pass a completely unqualified judgement!

For thousands of years great thinkers and scientists such as Vyasadeva (the compiler of the Vedas), Sri Parasara Rishi (A grand-guru of sidereal astrology), Sri Bhakti-siddhanta Sarasvati (a great Vedic scholar), and Pandit Vidyadhar Shukla (A leading astrologer and the Chief Brahmin Priest of Thailand) have revered and practiced the ancient Vedic science of Jyotish or sidereal astrology. And for that matter, millions of intelligent people today still believe in and follow this ancient science.

Who are we, puny, uncontrolled and unqualified humans, to call all these, and other learned persons fools?! Who is thus qualified? Certainly there is a criteria for making a judgement. This criteria is, and always will be, knowledge! Without knowledge of a subject, no one is qualified to pass judgement with any certainty. Especially when dealing with subjects far surpassing our limited sensual or intellectual experiences. Consider this: how many people today have stopped to think that this solid Earth we stand upon is actually a planet which is flying through space at break-neck speed?

And this earth is not alone! Look to the heavens on any clear night and behold the breathtaking array and multitude of other planets and stars reaching far and beyond even the most powerful telescopes. The planets in our own solar system are also flying through space at varying speeds in orbits around a Sun; and all these heavenly bodies (including this Earth we live on) are moving through space like the workings of a great, cosmic clock. This has been going on since the beginning of time, in spite of the ignorance and limited knowledge of humans, animals, and others. In the face of this vast and wonderful material reality, who is qualified to understand or pass judgement on the ancient sciences of sidereal astrology and planetary gemology. One look at the great personalities who have properly accepted and investigated Vedic wisdom since time immemorial will answer my question. Both past as well as present, these great teachers obtained and revered the time-honored wisdom.

Others, though completely un-versed in certain fields or branches of knowledge, but who still speak against them are undoubtedly ignorant skeptics! Without undertaking a well-rounded course of research no one is qualified to reject anything, especially ancient, time-honored wisdom, out of hand. Both science and logic dictate wisdom based on divine revelation combined with extensive experimentation and first-hand experience. The peoples of Asia since time immemorial are certainly not fools. In our quest for life we must not loose sight of the greater realities. Remember, we are living on a small planet which is flying through space at this very moment!

Richard Shaw Brown

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