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Family photo taken with Thailand's Great Statesman General Prem

Recent pic of my family visiting Thailand's great Regent, General Prem

L-R: Col. Dick Brown (my Dad), General Prem (my Guru), Jiva (my Son), me, Bette (my Mom), and Navaratana (my Wife)

My beloved Mom & Dad

My dear wife Champoo: We married in the Kingdom of Thailand in 1987 ...

Navaratna Suryawongse Brown

Current pics of our son Jiva
To watch him grow-up on the WWW just click his name...

Birthday Card Picture with Dad

Jiva home with mom - age: 4.5

I'm not cute!!

Jiva, age 6, with Dad
Jiva Suryawongse Brown
(Born: Jan.13,1997)

My 3 little sisters...bless their souls

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Some of my life's Sports

Golden Gloves Boxing in Roswell, New Mexico Age:15

Swami's Surfing Association Founder Member - Age 17

Radical Water Skiing - Age 30

Fun Board Windsurfing - Age: 39

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