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More Jyotish Gem Choosing Basics
By Richard Shaw Brown, PG

AT ASTRAL GEMSTONE TALISMANS WE ONLY BELIEVE IN "ANUKUL-VAD" - A gem will act "SAME" as it's planet - So gems should be chosen for Anukul (favorable) grahas

With ANUKUL in mind we begin the GEM CHOOSING BASICS.

First you must know what are the nine planets. Here is a quick list:


•Sun: Core self, central energies, relations to government
•Moon: Emotions, overall nervous makeup, way of relating to life
•Mars: Raw energy, aggression, lower side
•Mercury: Intellect, communication ability, diplomatic nature
•Jupiter: One's higher knowledge, wisdom, relations with divine law/higher truths
•Venus: One's pleasures, refinement and grace in actions, beauty
•Saturn: One's obstacles, sorrows, great challenges
•Rahu: One's oddity, foreign elements, unexpected events
•Ketu: One's lack, separations, spirituality

In every person’s horoscope the nine planets are positioned differently. The planetary positions to look for are…

---Functional nature: benefic OR malefic (take neutral as malefic). This info is at the bottom right of the Large Rasi Chart. See the planetary symbols. BENEFIC is “+” but malefic is “-“

---Sign position: like Rahu is great in Taurus but terrible in Scorpio. Study the “chart” at the bottom to see what planets are weak or strong in “sign placement: strong is “+” but weak is “-“

---House position: like if Moon is in the 12th house. There are 4 “dusthans” or sinful houses, viz., the 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th. All the others are OK. If the planet is IN a good house 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 that is a “+” BUT if the planet is in a BAD house, viz., 3, 6, 8, 12 then that is a “-“

---House ruler ship: like if the Rasi “Leo” is in the 5th house, then Pra Sun, who is the lord of the Rasi Leo, is the “ruler of the 5th house.” If the planet is RULER of a good house 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 that is a “+” BUT if the planet is ruler of a BAD house, viz., 3, 6, 8, 12 then that is a “-“

Major Planetary Period and sub-periods will be good or bad depending on the period’s ruling planet. If a person is in a Venus period, then see if Venus is GOOD or bad in their chart. Check if Venus is 1) located in a friendly sign or unfriendly sign, 2) if Venus is located in a good or bad house, 3) if Venus is ruler of a good or bad house, and 4) if Venus is a BENEFIC or a MALEFIC for the chart.

Add up the “+” points and the “-“ points to determine if a planet (or which planets) are Anukul (good old karma) or Pratikul (bad old karma).

For BAD KARMA people can “Tumboon” (Tum punya) or donate a gem. It is called in Sanskrit as “Ratna-arpana” or donating gems with mantras to please planets. For example a person has a PRATIKUL or harmful Rahu in their chart they can donate Gomed to a leper.

For GOOD KARMA people can use the gems to boost that GOOD KARMA.

Here is a list of the 12 House Meanings (These houses are actually 12 divisions of the sky where the planets are moving all the time) –

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1st House: Life!/Self (soul), Body, Head/Face RASI IN 1ST HOUSE IS “LAGNA”
2nd House: Wealth, Family (first), Speaking/Mouth/Food
3rd House: Courage, Difficult Tasks, Unhappiness, siblings
4th House: Happiness, Home, Mother, Country
5th House: Intelligence/Creativity, Children, Amusements, Love
6th House: Debts, Disease, Enemies, Obstacles, Serving Others
7th House: Spouse, Contracts, Overall dealings with others, Partners
8th House: Reproductive organs, Difficulty, Loss of fortune, Sex, Death, Mysticism
9th House: Religion/Dharma, Belief, Father, Fortune!
10th House: Rise in life/career, Success, Fame, Social Standing
11th House: Gains, Earnings, Friends, Lusts/Dreams/Desires
12th House: Losses, Donations, Falls, Liberation, Old Age/Next life

Natural Malefic and Benefic Planets by Rising Sign

Grahas are natural benefics and natural malefics. Natural benefic planets are: Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and waxing Moon; Natural malefic planets are: Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu.

The planets are also classified as favorable and unfavorable based on the lagna or Rising Sign. These are listed as follows:

Aries LAGNA:
Benefic planets are Jupiter and Sun.
Malefic planets are Saturn, Mercury and Venus.

Taurus LAGNA:
Benefic planets are Saturn, Mercury and Sun
Malefic planets are Jupiter, and Venus

Gemini LAGNA:
Benefic planets are Venus and Mercury
Malefic planets are Mars, Sun, Saturn Jupiter, and Moon.

Cancer LAGNA:
Benefic planets are Mars, Jupiter and Moon
Malefic planets are Saturn, Mercury and Venus.

Malefic planets are Mercury, Venus and Saturn.
Benefic Planets are Jupiter and Moon

Virgo LAGNA:
Malefic planets are Mars, Jupiter and the Moon.
Benefic planets are Venus and Mercury

Libra LAGNA:
Benefic planets are Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and The moon.
Malefic planets are Jupiter, the Sun and Mars.

Scorpio LAGNA:
Benefic planets are Jupiter and the Sun and the Moon.
Malefic planets are Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

Sagittarius LAGNA:
Benefic planets are Mercury, Mars and the Sun
Malefic planets are Saturn and Venus

Capricorn LAGNA:
Benefic planets are Venus and
Malefic planets are Mars, Jupiter and the Moon

Aquarius LAGNA:
Malefic planeta are Jupiter, Moon and Mars
Benefic planets are Venus and Saturn

Pisces LAGNA:
Malefic planets are Saturn, Venus, Mercury and the Sun.
Benefic planets are Mars, Jupiter and Moon.

Again, the most simple important points are:

---NATURE (Benefic or Malefic): good or bad – 25% importance
---HOUSE POSITION: good or bad – 25% importance
---HOUSE OWNERSHIP: good or bad – 25% importance
---SIGN POSITION: strong or weak – 25% importance

The point is to add pluses and minuses to determine which planets are ANUKUL or PRATIKUL in a person’s chart.

If a planet it 75% bad then that is basically PRATIKUL
If a planet is 75% good then that is basically ANUKUL

NOTE: People should only USE gems for their ANUKUL planets. For PRATIKUL planets they can DONATE the gem to get relief by “pleasing the pratikul-planet” AND/OR they can obtain and wear the appropriate Rudraksha-seed.

Please memorize the NINE PLANETS & SYMBOLS, the TWELVE HOUSES, and the 12 SIGNS & SYMBOLS.

Adding the plus and minus points to determine which planets are most favorable to the native enables us to proceed further...

1. First look to the lagna or rising sign and then check the lord of the rising sign to see if it is in an anukul-graha for the charts. If this is the case then we wholeheartedly prescribe the gemstone ruled by the lagna's lord. Example: If one has Leo rising we look to the position of the Sun (Lord of Leo) in the chart. If the Sun is posited in an auspicious sign, e.g., sign of exaltation, own sign, trine, or at least a friendly sign, it will act in a beneficial way. If any of these are the case then we may recommended ruby or another "Sun jewel" as one's first gem choice. NOTE: If the birth time is unknown or unsure then skip this method...

A list of the primary rising sign gems is given as follows:

Aries Mars Red Coral
Taurus Venus Diamond
Gemini Mercury Emerald
Cancer Moon Pearl
Leo Sun Ruby
Virgo Mercury Emerald
Libra Venus Diamond
Scorpio Mars Coral
Sagittarius Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Capricorn Saturn Blue Sapphire
Aquarius Saturn Blue Sapphire
Pisces Jupiter Yellow Sapphire

2. We next check the position of the planet ruling one's mahadasha or major planetary period. If this planet is well-placed in both the rasi as well as the navamsa charts then we prescribe that planet's gemstone(s) for use during the duration of the mahadasha period. Example: If one is in or entering a Jupiter mahadasha and if Jupiter is posited in an auspicious sign and/or house position, then we recommend yellow sapphire or another natural yellow gemstone. At the time of ones birth a certain planetary period will be in motion. If a person is born in the middle of their Venus major period then they still have 10 more years of major Venus influence before they change into their Sun period at the age of 10 years. Each major planetary period follows a certain order and is of a fixed period of time - this information is given as follows:

SUN PERIOD: 6 years
MOON PERIOD: 10 years
MARS PERIOD: 7 years
RAHU PERIOD: 18 years
KETU PERIOD: 7 years
VENUS PERIOD: 20 years

Depending on the period in operation when one is born, the soul will pick up the periods and pass through them in succession in the order given above.

3. Next we look to one's birth sign or Moon rasi , i.e., the sign in which the Moon is posited at the time of one's birth. In sidereal astrology the Moon's sign position is considered very important. Example: If one's Moon sign is Leo, a sign ruled by the Sun, then we must look to the sign and house position of the Sun in the horoscope. If the Sun is anukul to the chart then we can recommend a ruby or other red Sun jewel as one's "birth stone."

The list of these Vedic "birthstones" as shown in Chapter II is repeated again here for easy reference:




Ruby Sun Leo
Pearl Moon Cancer
Coral Mars Aries/Scorpio
Emerald Mercury Gemini/Virgo
Yellow Sapphire Jupiter Sagittarius/Pisces
Diamond Venus Taurus/Libra
Blue Sapphire Saturn Capricorn/Aquarius
Hessonite Rahu N/A
Cat's eye Ketu N/A

4. We then check the janma-naksatra or the constellation in which the Moon is posited at birth. Each of these 27 birth stars is ruled by one of the nine planets recognized in sidereal astrology. Example: If one's birth constellation is "punarvasu" (the 7th constellation), which is ruled by Jupiter, then we look to the position of Jupiter in the horoscope. If Jupiter is an anukul-graha in the chart, then we can recommend yellow sapphire or another yellow "Jupiter" jewel.

Following is a list of the 27 constellations, their ruling planet and corresponding gemstone:

1. ASWINI  Ketu (Moon's South Node) Cats Eye
2. BHARANI  Venus (Shukra) Diamond
3. KRTTIKA  Sun (Surya) Ruby
4. ROHINI  Moon (Chandra) Pearl
5. MRIGASHIRA  Mars (Mangal) Coral
6. ADRA  Rahu (Moon's North Node) Hessonite
7. PUNARVASU  Jupiter (Guru) Yellow Sapphire
8. PUSHYAM  Saturn (Shani) Blue Sapphire
9. ASHLESHA  Mercury (Budha) Emerald
10. MAGHA Ketu (Moon's South Node) Cat's Eye
11. POORVA-PHALGUNI  Venus (Shukra) Diamond
12. UTTAR-PHALGUNI Sun (Surya) Ruby
13. HASTA Moon (Chandra) Pearl
14. CHITRA  Mars (Mangal) Coral
15. SWATI Rahu (Moon's North Node) Hessonite
16. VISHAKA Jupiter (Guru) Yellow Sapphire
17. ANURADHA Saturn (Shani) Blue Sapphire
18. JYESTHA Mercury (Budha) Emerald
19. MULA Ketu (Moon's South Node) Cat's Eye
20. POORVASHADA Venus (Shukra) Diamond
21. UTTARSHADA Sun (Surya) Ruby
22. SRAVANA  Moon (Chandra) Pearl
23. DHANISTHA Mars (Mangal) Coral
24. SATAVISHA Rahu (Moon's North Node) Hessonite
25. POORVABADRAPADA Jupiter (Guru) Yellow Sapphire
26. UTTARBHADRAPADA Saturn (Shani) Blue Sapphire
27. REVATHI  Mercury (Budha) Emerald

NOTE: It is our practiced and well-considered opinion that fine, natural gemstones do indeed "strengthen" or magnify the influence of their associated planets. Therefore, lucky planets = lucky gems. If a person intends to wear their lucky gemstone then they should only use gems which are related to planets that are considered to be "lucky" or posited in an auspicious rasi (zodiac sign) and/or bhava (house) in their sidereal birth chart. Gemstones do not alter or change the angle, position or condition in which planets are placed in one's horoscope. Methods for propitiating or reducing the harmful effects of evil or malevolently placed planets in one's birth chart include the chanting of planetary mantras, prescribed sacrifices and charity. These may be performed along with the use of associated planetary gemstones to help "magnify" the prayer. A person who is unwilling to perform these meritorious acts should not use gems for unlucky planets.

IMPORTANT: Which ever planetary gemstone(s) you choose must be free of visible flaws in order to properly transmit beneficial astral energy. Even though there is precious little direct information on the use of planetary gemstones in the Vedic texts, we do have the following quote from the ancient Agni-puranam, (Chapter 246, Verses 7 & 8):

"A gem free from all impurities
and radiating its characteristic internal luster
should be looked upon as an "escort" of good luck.
A gem which is cracked, fissured, devoid of luster,
or appearing rough or sandy,
should not be used at all."

With all these methods it is necessary to first cast a person's sidereal horoscope or janma-patrika (birth chart). This requires very expert calculations based on one's birth date, time and place. If one doesn't know their birth "time" it is still possible to cast the horoscope accurately enough to see the planetary "sign" positions (although this is much less precise in other areas). After casting the horoscope, look to see if any of the planets are in "auspicious" rasi positions. All of these "auspicious" sign positions give good results. According to B.V. Raman, India's leading astrologer, "A planet in it's own sign is rendered powerful to do good. A planet in it's sign of exaltation is rendered even more powerful to do good than in it's own sign. A planet in it's sign of mulatrikona is rendered powerful to do good similar to when in exaltation." Planets which are in enemy signs or which are debilitated usually have harmful or inauspicious influences. Professor Raman also states that planets which are debilitated give results opposite of when in strong sign positions. In other words, "bad results." (NOTE: There are certain astrological considerations which may "cancel" harmful planetary positions; but it is the opinion of most sidereal astrologers that "once a bad planet, always a bad planet.")

*Since Rahu and Ketu are Aprakasha or "shadow planets," they reflect the qualities of the lord of the sign they occupy. Example: If Rahu is located in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury, you should look to the position of Mercury in the chart and predict similar results for Rahu.

We welcome any input from readers about their own experiences with JYOTISH QUALITY gems and their astral powers. Only stories involving the use of JYOTISH quality gems are deemed useful, as flawed gems always give bad results.

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