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Sri Navaratna - The 9 Gems

A Nava Ratna ring set with nine perfect gems. In the center is a flawless (loupe clean) "red lotus" colored Burmese ruby surrounded (clockwise from the top) by flawless diamond, flawless "natural" pearl, flawless red coral, flawless hessonite, flawless blue sapphire, flawless cat's eye, flawless yellow sapphire, and flawless emerald

Reference to the 9 gems is taken from "Jataka Parijata," chap. 2, sloka 21 compiled by Sri Vaidyanatha Dikshitar (son of Venkata-dhari), and reads in Sanskrit as follows:

Manikyam taraneh sujatyamamalam muktaphalam shitagoh
maheyasya cha vidrumao nigaditah saumyasya-garutmakam
devejyasya cha pushparagam asura-achryasya vajram
shaneh nilam nirmalamanyayoshcha gadite gomeda-vaiduryak


1) Ruby for the Sun, 2) Pearl for the Moon, 3) Coral for Mars, 4) Emerald for Mercury, 5) Yellow sapphire for Jupiter, 6) Diamond for Venus, 7) Blue sapphire for Saturn, 8) Hessonite for Rahu (the ascending node of the Moon) 9) Cat's eye for Ketu (the descending node of the Moon), (these gems) must be high-born (top quality) and flawless

In this important sloka the words, "sujatyam-amalam" (sujati=high born, and amala=completely pure or flawless) are very significant. According to bona fide Vedic authority only clean top quality gems are considered to be auspicious.

Asian Birth Stones
Ruby, Red Spinel (Padmaraag)
Pearl, Moonstone (Moti)
Coral, Carnelian (Moonga)
Emerald, Tsavorite (Panna)
Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz (Pushparaaj)
Diamond, White quartz (Vajra)
Blue Sapphire, Indicolite (Nilam)
Hessonite, Hyacinth (Gomeda)
Cat's Eye, Fibrolite (Vaidurya)
Sun - Pra Surya
Moon - Pra Chandra
Mars - Pra Mangala
Mercury - Pra Budha
Jupiter - Pra Guru
Venus - Pra Shukra
Saturn - Pra Shani
Rahu - Pra Rahu
Ketu - Pra Ketu
Aries / Scorpio
Gemini / Virgo
Sagittarius / Pisces
Taurus / Libra
Capricorn / Aquarius
Not applicable*
Not applicable*

The effects gems will have depends on the nature of their Planet lord's attitude or placement in each individual horoscope. There are two types of planets in every horoscope, viz., ANUKUL-GRAHA or favorable planets, and PRATIKUL-GRAHA or unfavorable planets. Gems will act accordingly. Below are simple basic guidelines on how fine quality jyotish gems might influence us.

1. Influence of Ruby / red spinel

If Sun is well placed in your horoscope:
The influence will be toward nobility, dignity, power, leadership, and confidence. One will be well-read, pious, strong, compassionate, and untroubled. Buy Jewel

2. Influence of (natural) Pearl / moonstone

If Moon is well placed in your horoscope:
The influence will be toward sensitivity, good habits, stability, and health. One will be wealthy, industrious, and respected. Buy Jewel

3. Influence of Yellow Sapphire / yellow topaz

If Jupiter is well placed in your horoscope:
The influence will be toward humanitarianism, spiritualism, optimism, faith, and good judgment. One will be powerful, respected, and a leader of men, although susceptible to anger. Buy Jewel

4. Influence of Hessonite / orange zircon

If Rahu is well placed in your horoscope:
The influence will be toward originality, inspiration, insight, and uniqueness. One will be exotic, wealthy and fortunate. Buy Jewel

5. Influence of Emerald / tsavorite

If Mercury is well placed in your horoscope:
The influence will be toward rationality, wit, skillfulness, and dexterity. One will be educated, happy, fortunate, and highly respected. Buy Jewel

6. Influence of Diamond / colorless quartz

If Venus is well placed in your horoscope:
The influence will be toward attractiveness, grace, elegance, and longevity. One will be refined, humanitarian, and possess many positive qualities. Buy Jewel

7. Influence of Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye / fibrolite cat's eye

If Ketu is well placed in your horoscope:
The influence will be toward spiritualism, intuition, universality, subtleness, and sensitivity. One will be wealthy and protected from evil.

Buy Jewel
8. Influence of Blue Sapphire / indicolite (blue tourmaline)

If Saturn is well placed in your horoscope:
The influence will be toward discipline, responsibility, realism, durability, and humility. One will be long-lived, charitable, proficient, and an affectionate mate.

Buy Jewel
9. Influence of Red Coral / red carnelian

If Mars is well placed in your horoscope:
The influence will be toward positive energy, strength, courage, passion, and aggression. One will be active, have great energy, be learned, well-known and regal.

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Planetary gemology is based upon the ancient "Sidereal" system of astrology that has prevailed untampered in the Orient for thousands of years. Unlike the Western system, which is based upon the relative positions of sun and earth, Sidereal astrology is calculated according to the fixed positions of stellar constellations beyond the solar system. Experience has proven the Sidereal system to be far more accurate and incisive than the Western method in determining the astral forces at work in an individual horoscope.

Crystal for Shukra

Sri Shukra Deva (Venus)
1000 carat flawless quartz crystal

Flawless natural quartz crystal cut pyramid. Bhisma-ratna or colorless quartz is an uparatna for Sri Shukra deva (Venus: Pictured) and is about 1/1000th as powerful as a diamond. This 1000 carats crystal is equal to a 1 carat flawless diamond for Venus.

Blue Sapphire for Saturn

Sri Shani Deva (Saturn)
14 carat flawless natural blue sapphire

Here is a 14 carats completely flawless and unheated natural blue sapphire cut from a single giant Burmese sapphire crystal.Experts in Gemology all know that a 14 carat 100% clean untreated Burma blue is ultra rare in such large cut size. 14 carats is a serious crystal.. Natural unburned blue sapphires are known as the primary gem for Shanideva or Saturn, who is pictured on left in his deity form. Value: hard to replace. Vidhi: Puja to Sri Shanideva on every Saturday evening. Mantra: Om sham shanaischaraya namah! (repeat 23 times). Origin: Myanmar (Burma). this huge sapphire is 100% clean and lab certified as a non-heated natural gem.

Red Coral

Sri Mangala Deva (Mars)
108 carat red coral carved Lord Ganesha

Flawless natural hand carved red coral weighing 108 carats. Red Coral is the primary gem for Mars, who is pictured on left left in his deity form. Value: Priceless (not for sale).

Vidhi: Daily Puja to Lord Ganesh. Mantra: Om sri ganeshaya namah! (repeat 108 times)


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