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"The package arrived today with the new Jupiter earrings with yellow sapphires for me. Not only are they amazingly beautiful, but they had an immediate effect when I put them on. As you know, I had brain surgery to remove a meningioma in February of 2015. For the past few weeks I've been getting headaches that felt very similar to those I had when I had the meningioma. This morning I was suffering with one of those headaches. As soon as I received your package with the earrings, I put them on. Clarity and relief are the two words that best describe how I am feeling right now. Thank you very, very much for accepting the mission of healing people through your gem prescriptions. I can vouch for your effectiveness. May your life be truly blessed. Warmest regards" - Ann, Coral Springs, Florida.

"AGT's Jewelry is one of the most beautiful and auspicious blessings one can choose to bring into their life or the life of a loved one. I'm a loyal customer and I would suggest AGT to everyone!"---Dan Roppo

"Today I confirm receipt of the 4 mukhi Rudraksha pendant, and the book, Astral Gemstone Talismans 2002. The pendant is so beautiful and I love it so much, and the book is so interesting, filled with beautiful pieces, which are all amazing. Thank you for everything. I'm so happy and I look forward to visiting the shop in Bangkok next year. All of Mr. Brown's beautiful pieces give such rich and wonderful power to his jewelry lovers. Absolutely I've become a big fan!"---Best regards, Yoko Kobayashi

"Thank you so much for the ring, I recieved it on new years eve and I placed it on my finger. It is so beautiful I feel as if I have had it before it feels perfect."---Reid Wilburn

"Trusting an unknown company in Bangkok with thousands of dollars requires a leap of faith. My wife and I are glad we trusted Richard Brown, and would not hesitate to recommend his company's services to others. We have now purchased several Astral Talismans, and in each case have been completely satisfied with the excellent quality, unique design and high levels of service from Richard and his staff. Even if you aren't convinced about the efficacy of planetary gems, the wonderful designs and flawless character of the gems make any one of AGT's jewels a special gift or keepsake. I would be pleased to provide independent confirmation of Richard's bona fides and integrity."---Paul Gillingwater, Vienna, Austria.

"Richard, my ring was just delivered and all I can say is YOU ARE THE MAN! This exceeds all my expectations! the tourmaline is so rich, deep flawless and the diamonds are incredibly brilliant for their size. I want to thank you so much, I'm sure I was much harder to deal with than the average customer. I just want you to know how meaningful it is to me. At the risk of sounding overly-dramatic, in many ways it is a dream come true. Ive always wanted a piece of talasmanic jewelry created and/or energized specifically for me. Rest assured, this item is now priceless to me and will be cherished for the remainder of my present incarnation!"---anonymous

"The ring is so beautiful! It's the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen or owned in my life! The crafts-manship is without compare! I will certainly recommend AGT to everyone that I know! I will treasure this ring forever and pass it on to my descendants. It will be a valuable family heirloom for generations to come!"---Larry Gatpandan

"You can quote me, it will be a pleasure to endorse such a wonderful spiritual company likes yours, Richard! I'm the one who feels proud wearing one of your NR rings!!!!! BTW the wooden ring box is so beautiful and impressive."---Chuck Brown

"Language can not adequately describe the Beauty and Perfection of Workmanship combined with the Highly Auspicious Jyotish Designs found in each piece of precious jewelry created for the Astral Gemstone Talismans and Planetary Jewelry Collections by Richard Shaw Brown. The attention to detail seen in each individual Design is remarkable due to his distinct ability to combine different precious metals with gemstones and herbal preparations in a single perfect art form that actually seems to float in mid air. Each of these individually designed masterpieces are a combination of ancient wisdom and modern design created with the additional value of being a Talisman to Protect the Wearer. The Lord Rahu Ring number 10878 in the 2006 Akash Collection is a perfect example of intricate design, balance and unbelievable beauty that is the signature of a Richard Shaw Brown Masterpiece Design."---S R DharmaDev Arya

"I honestly say your design is the best in the world. By simply comparing all others designs, I conclude your designs are the BEST. Keep up the good work!"---Ys, Durasaya das

"Upon viewing the collections AGT offers, I was lost in the uniqueness of the individual pieces. Every detail evoked a sense of structural elements and history brought forth through use of symbols, shapes, and contrasting metals. Images of Egyptian royalty are conjured in the use of ankhs. Wisdom passed down from China's Yellow Emperor come to life in the representation of Ying and Yang. The tiered pieces embody the mysticism of the Patteeswarar Temple in Peru. Beauty is timeless and universal, as are the pieces crafted in AGT's collections."---Natalie Topalovic

"Akash collection 2006 with the theme towards the heavens and firement is a reflection of the dedication, transparency, loyalty and phenomenal growth of Mr. Richard Brown's designing heart during past years. Mr. Brown has carved out innovatively fresh ideas and pieces of nine gemstone jewellery breaking the mundane of commercialism and redefining navratna jewellery as practical wearable art based on the eternal desire of mankind to adorn and attract. The author is very successful in creating the collection work very artistically by creatively using the particular theme for the respective planet and the concerned gem. The content of Akash 2006 is superb, the photographs, printing quality, presentation is excellent work which makes me to appreciate author from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful work. My wife Dr. Chanchal Vashishtha, my daughter Ms. Garima Vashishtha & my son Mr. Gaurav Vashishtha also join me in congratulating you for the amazing collection called Akash 2006."---Dr. Shekhar Vashishth, B.Sc. (Hons.), M. Sc. Applied Geology, B.R., S.S., P.G.D.J., Ph.D., C.C.F.S., F.G.S., G.G (U.S.A), F.G.A. (U.K.), P.G., Sec. General Mineral Club of India

"We express our thoughts through gifts and love too symbolize the art of Mr. Brown is like he is 23 years of age and using his soul thu the light and mind of all or as if we were all of one heart and soul and mind. To be loved by another is the greatest gift one could recive besides putting it into a object to treasure for those who treasure love the love of the most beautiful objects created by a gifted soul to you , to another with compasion and love . Thank you all for enjoying our love to you."---Daniel Valadez

"This is my appreciation of the Circle Tube Nava Ratna with Comets from the Akash Collection: Can only contemplate the artistic quality of the Circle Tube Nava Ratna with Comets from the Akash Collection. "Contemplate" is the only right word to use, as I stand in awe of it just as I stand in awe of the galaxy with the nine planets when I look up into the starry night sky, sometimes lighted up with fiery comets. It is like its circles, each without beginning and without end, thereby being flawless, perfect, consummate, faultless, flawless and impeccable. Yes, only contemplation will do of its artistic quality. I received the talismans and I wore mine yesterday, one hour before sunset, reciting the appropriate mantra. I am very satisfied with all of them, the gems are really eye-clean and without imperfections, I think that my ring is very beautiful (and the pendants too!!)"---My best regards, Roberta Bellistri.

"This particular design (Circle tube Navratna surrounded with comets) is timeless. The wheel represents the universe. The Sun is in the centre surrounded by all the planets. It represents the circle of life. It symbolises that life can neither be created nor destroyed. It reminds us that we have always been here and will always be here in various forms. The three circles around the ruby represent the three entities : Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and the other planets around them represent all the blessings that the divine has endowed us with: name, fame, health, wealth,happines, humanity, gyaan (knowledge), peace and bhakti."---Harpal Bhardwaj

"There are many fine craftsmen and some fine vedic designers. yet you seem to have an unimpeachable purity and devotees sincerlty that cannot be seperated from your designs. it is YOUR EXCELLANT KARMA< YOUR devotees pristine heart that is the vehicle for your dedicated work that one wears when you design a piece for them .and it should be so. That sublime dedication to crafting a pece of spiritual elegance is praiseworthy and honourABle. YOU WISH TO BE JEWELER TO THAILANDS ROYALTY. MY FRIEND YOU ARE JEWELER TO THE ROYALTY OF SOULS THAT ARE on your wavelength, souls that need and truly understand what you do and are called to wear one of your pieces. This is your call to humanity not just to Thailand.For myslef, I would never take off the emblem of spiritual dignty you would make for me to resonate with. And in that moment of time i would place it on my body perhaps somewhere a harp note would be struck in the heavens."---Sophia Dalle


1. PMA's "1996 Benjamin Franklin Award" - Ancient Astrological Gemstones & Talismans. - Publishers Marketing Association, California, USA. 1996

2. "Brand Name The Thai Board of Consumer Protection. 2003

3. OTOP *4 STARS* Product Champion of Thailand The Government Board of OTOP. Thailand. 2004

4. OTOP *5 STARS* Product Champion of Thailand The Government Board of OTOP. Thailand. 2006

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