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Akash – Sky Collection - 2006

Richard Shaw-Brown, the Kingdom of Thailand's maverick precious-jewelry designer is now revealing the latest, and probably best of his collectible Astral Gemstone Talismans (AGT) design collections: with 37 stunning new creations. Christened "Akash" - 2006, from the Sanskrit word meaning "Vastness of the Universe" or simply "Sky", it unveils 37 never-before-seen precious-jewelry creations. Thus, Mr. Brown has now designed his 8th volume of uniquely enchanting jewelry since he started releasing these auspicious masterpiece collections in 1975. This accomplishment is arguably an achievement unmatched by any jewelry designer past or present... anywhere.

Though born in America, Richard's auspiciously trendy fashion-jewelry creations have propelled his company, Astral Gemstone Talismans to officially represent the Kingdom of Thailand by setting a new International standard with his highly-recognizable propitious precious-jewelry designs of the future. AGT was recently honored with the Kingdom of Thailand Government's OTOP "Product Champion of Thailand" Award; as well as receiving the "Brand Name" Award from the Thai Board of Consumer Protection. Brown creates each AGT piece with such singular artistic design, and oversees his handcrafting with such painstaking attention to detail; it merits individual numbers and an exotic wooden box to protect each artful work.

A journalist recently asked Mr. Brown, "You’ve been incredibly successful with your Astral Gemstone Talismans and planetary-jewelry philosophy: what more could you possibly want?" He philosophized, "For me, precious jewelry is far more than simple beauty, elegance and success. With proper metaphysical understanding, artful design and quality execution; the sky is the limit. Hence, the nickname for the 'Akash – Sky Collection – 2006'." Then proudly, "For Thailand, my aim is to surpass Roman Bvlgari’s or American Harry Winston’s reputation for quality and excellence. And now I am working hard to be recognized for my ART, rather than the philosophy behind it."

Indeed, an International Herald Tribune feature wrote of Astral Gemstone Talismans uniquely fashionable jewelry, "Brown’s religiosity camouflages his esthetic drive."

Brown continued by enthusing, "But my highest ambition is to serve Their Majesties, the King and Queen, the Royal Family, and the Kingdom of Thailand; as Royal Gemologist. If a Gemstone is offered to the Crown I want to be there to determine whether or not such a gift is suitable. The wrong gems will cause adversity; they need to be considered with supreme care, so that only gems which do not conflict with the Royal horoscopes may be accepted. Perhaps the only delay is;" he grinned, "at 58, I’m still too young!"

Buoyed by the thrilling comments from a private preview of this stunning "Akash – Sky Collection – 2006", Richard is now setting his AGT merchandising sights on the International market. Through International media and public relations, he is planning to make Astral Gemstone Talismans and Richard Shaw-Brown synonyms for the finest Precious Jewelry available; a pioneer for the future of fine jewelry... everywhere.

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