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Well, eight is not my favorite number, it being the cosmic fadic number associated with the slow and humiliating "graha" Saturn - who is the great Task-Master of the cosmic hierarchy. Ultimately Saturn is not responsible for our delays and problems in life, we alone are the cause, these being the direct results of our own karma (actions-reactions) which we have accumulated through many births. Saturn simply sanctions or with-holds punishments in this life as seen by his position in our Sidereal horoscope. Saturn's position in our Birth (Rasi) Chart will be either harmful, beneficial or neutral.

Saturn's cosmic-number eight is also "Infinity." Ancient Astrological Gemstone & talismans was my second design book since 1975. And this is my 8th design book so far. The theme of our "6" Collection book was blue and cold like the North Pole; and our 7th design book, Sri Chinta Mani Astro-Jewels, was like being on a safari in the Africian jungles

With our Eighth design book we have looked toward the heavens and firement for our design inspiration. Thus the name, Akash, which is Sanskrit for SKY or outer space. What could be more perfect for a planetary jewelry designs book than showing the planets themselves. So we have incorporated stunning pictures of the nine Vedic planets recognized as most important in Jyotish or Vedic Astrology. And we have divided this new designs collection into 9 planetary catagories; although most of these designs can be used with any of the Nava-graha or Nine Planetary catagories

We hope you find the results of this art and craft both pleasing as well as inspiring. Please take careful notice that our talismans are both the most flawless jewels on earth as well as being set in designs one century ahead of their time. Our jewelry designs are 22nd Century; they are the future of fine jewelry. And Thailand leads the way.

Happy New Year 2006!!!

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