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Devi Shakuntala

Really Romancing the Stone

The ancient Sanskrit scriptures known as the Puranas contain a well-known story regarding the astral power of blue sapphire.

One day, the great King Dushyanta was hunting in the forest when he met and instantly fell in love with a young girl named Shakuntala, who was the daughter of a powerful sage living as an ascetic yogi in the wilderness. Wishing to marry her, the King gave her a beautiful blue sapphire ring to mark their engagement, and he told her to come to his palace whenever she felt ready to marry.

One morning a few month later, as she stood by the river bank drawing water for her father, the sapphire ring slipped off her finger, fell into the river, and was promptly swallowed by a fish. When later she went to visit the King at his palace to consent to his proposal, the King did not recognize her, nor could he recall his promise of marriage. Deeply distressed, she returned sadly to her father’s hut in the forest.

A few months later, the fish which swallowed the ring was caught by a local fisherman, who found the precious sapphire inside its stomach. Seeing the royal ring and thinking that this might be important, the fisherman took the ring to the King. The moment the King set eyes on the stone he immediately remembered Shakuntala and his proposal of marriage to her. He sent for her, and soon they were married and lived a long happy life together, thanks to the precious gem which consummated their destiny.