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(C) 1995 by Richard S. Brown
All rights reserved.

Vedic View On 'Flawless' Gems

By Richard Shaw Brown

Some points Krishna & Baladev learned about Gemology during one entire day with Sandipani Muni

Important Shastric quotes on Gems spoken by Sri Suta Goswami

compiled by Hrsikesananda das

"The fine, auspicious stones can counteract poison, snake venom, diseases, and other dangers." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 68)

"The potency of a flawless ruby is such that even an ignorant person living a sinful life and surrounded by deadly enemies is saved by wearing such a gem. Anyone wearing such a naturally effulgent ruby would be freed from diseases caused by any imbalance of the bodily functions." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 70)

"A large, round white pearl with effulgent luster and with a clean, even hole drilled through its center, which charms even a person who is not even interested in pearls, should be considered as possessed of a rare, good quality. The owner of such a pearl will never suffer any form of ill fortune." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 69)

"A pure hessonite sparkling with internal fire and set in a golden ornament is the ultimate talisman, capable of increasing the life span, the progeny, and the happiness of its owner. It can also remover evil thoughts and motives from the owner's mind. Any man possessing such a praiseworthy hessonite, even if only for ornamental purposes would surely become wealthy and famous in this lifetime." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 75)

"Anyone possessing a fine, flawless quality emerald of any of these shades of green is blessed with great good fortune." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 71)

"But the fine emeralds of these areas possess mystical powers, even to neutralize the poison of a king cobra." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 71)

"Emeralds should be mounted in yellow gold, and worn, both by the doctor and patient, during the treatment of any disease, especially those caused by poison or an imbalance of the body's vital airs." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 71)

"Flawless, high-grade diamonds confer good fortune upon their wearers." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 68 b) "If one owns a rough diamond with a well-shaped crystalline formation, high transparency and brilliancy, and devoid of any blemished or visible inclusions, he acquires the following virtues: prosperity, longevity, marital happiness, children and livestock, and a good harvests." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 68 b)

"Auspicious diamonds help protect the wearer from attack by poisonous serpents, tigers, thieves, and deadly poisons. They protect his possessions from fire and flood and cause his complexion to become lustrous." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 68 b)

"A well polished, bright coral with rich, soothing dark-red colors and without flaws is considered most auspicious. It possesses power to increase the riches and wheat supplies of its wearer and also removes obstacles and dangers." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 80)

"As with rubies, flawless garnets colored like the petals of the red lotus are considered the rarest and most beautiful and possess the mystic virtue of increasing both the wealth and progeny of their owners." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 77)

"Among all gems, fine, flawless quality jade has the greatest ability to remove negative karmic reactions." (Ref. Garuda Purana

"Any one respectfully wearing a pure quartz crystal set in gold will attain good fortune in this life and be protected from dangerous animals such as tigers, leopards, wolves, elephants, and lions. Pure quartz is also an amulet giving the wearer extraordinary sexual prowess. Wearing quartz while offering libations to departed ancestors insures them lasting happiness. It is also a talisman against drowning, burning and theft. These attributes pertain to pure flawless quartz only." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 79)

"Bloodstones of fine quality increase the wealth and followers of one who wears them." (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 78)

"A gem free from all impurities and radiating its characteristic internal luster should be looked upon as an "escort" of good luck." (Agni Purana: Chapter 246)