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(C) 1995 by Richard S. Brown
All rights reserved.
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Vedic Gemology

By Richard Shaw Brown


"A complete guide on gems in astrology"---Astrological Magazine of India, 1996

Some VIP quotes
in praise of the 1st edition of Ancient Astrological Gemstones & Talismans...

"I am pleased to convey to you the Royal sincere thanks for the kind presentation."---M.L. Thawisan Ladawan, His Majesty the King of Thailand's Principal Private Secretary, March 22, 1995

"Their Majesties the King and Queen have commanded me to convey to you their thanks and appreciation for the gemology book, "Ancient Astrological Gemstones & Talismans."---Narendra Raj Panday, Press Secretary to H.M. the King of Nepal. Sept. 1995

"Her Royal Highness thanks you for creating the most beautiful and interesting book."---Mrs. Darunee Pulsup, Secretary to H.R.H. Princess Galyani Vatana of Thailand, Feb. 13, 1995

"A commendable work that can well be used as a valuable reference for future students."---H.E. Chuan Leekpai, Prime Minister of Thailand. May 1995

"A well compiled book."---Hon. Sirimavo R.D. Bandaranaike, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Dec. 1997

"Insightful account of ancient Vedic science of Planetary Gemology."---H.E. Sri S.R. Bommai, Minister, Human Resource Development, India. Nov. 1997

"We in Sri Lanka also have a strong demand for astrological gemstones to be worn to ward off planetary ill effects, but I do not think that any author or gemmologist has gone to the extent that you have done to publicize their great importance."---A E T Ellawala, Chairman, National Gem & Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka. Nov. 1997

"A complete guide on gems in astrology. Whether it is the color plates of the eye-dazzling gemstones or the text that wins is tough to decide but worth every bit of the price." ---The Astrological Magazine (India). 1995