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Hari Siddhi Kali Baba

Late Sadhu of Nepal

The best person who knew Kali Baba is the current Mayor of Dhulikhel, Nepal, Sri Bel Prasad Shrestha. When I met Kali Baba was 1974. Then he was said to be over 100 but no one knew his year of birth. When he was a young boy in South India, near Ingulatchi Devi Mandir (??) his parents were approached for biksha by some sadhus. They had nothing to give. But the sadhus asked about the boy? So the boy was given as bhiksha to the Sadhus. These Sadhu's took him to the Himalayas long before it was open to the world, and named him Kali Baba. He lived in a cave with several generations of sadhus until he was inspired to come to Kathmandi to see Pashupatinathji. When he reached Dhulikhel he stayed on since as long as the mayor can remember, and still he lived until 1995 when he went to Bhaktapur and left his body. Best I can understand he was cremated with all his Rudraksha collection. Almost immediately after he died all hell broke out in Nepal and it's going on even now.

Life size bronze bust of Kali Baba in Dhulikhel, Nepal

He was the lucky charm of Nepal. And yet there is only one statue of Kali Baba in Nepal, that I paid for, located in the court yard of the school named after him in Dhulikhel. That school is still running today.

Sitar Master Manilal Nag, RSB, and Dev with Kali Baba in 1976

Once we held a genuine Srimad Bhagavat Sapatah with real avadhuta reading and Kali Baba presiding like Lord Shiva. The Sukadeva was mauna, but we persuaded him to read the entire 18,000 slokas in 7 days... which he did. And the CDI and whole town of Dhulkhel was present for that 7 days yajna.

Kali Baba was mostly smiling and shouting at everyone to come and take tika. Mostly all he ever did was hand out blessings. The meaning of the word, "shiva" means blessed. And even the King held him in high regard and came to see him to get tika. And skinny little Kali Baba was the King himself at Pashupati during Shiva Ratri. All the many sadhus held him in awe. But he would be shouting at the aghoris, "you're a bunch of meat eaters!" Once there was a Nepali gangster who cheated some one and when Kali Baba interviened he was insulted. On the spot he uttered a curse against the man, and the next day that man was killed in an auto accident. These are exactly the kinds of things that Lord Shiva is famous for doing

.It seems he was so much like Lord Shiva Himself. Like an incarnation. Like an empowered Shivite. And that is just my personal opinion. Only Lord Shiva can say who is actually who. And it is also not possible to disprove.)