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Planetary Sri Rudraksha Seeds
Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Seed Vaishnavite questions use of Rudraksha Seeds

Question: Do you have anything for Shukra that is more vaishnava oriented? Since Rudraksa could be viewed as more tilting toward Siva. We have all respects for Lord Siva but a an aspiring vaishnava wants things that remind him of Krsna, isn't it?

Answer: "Na vaishnavanam-yatha-shamboh!!!" - Shastra quotes, "There is NO Vaishnava equal to Shamboo!." So what could be more Vaishnava oriented!? How does Shukra remind us about Krishna any more than Shiva?

Hinduism has very few real talismans. Shalagram, Tulasi, etc., these are not talismans. These are causeless bhakti. A strict devotee never seeks good luck. The gems are also “karma misra bhakti” as is Rudraksha. Gems are hardly 10% as powerful as Rudraksha. And Shukradeva has hardly 10% of the greatness of Lord Shiva. Rudraksha is in fact the ultimate talisman in Sanatana Dharma. I have researched and collected Rudraksha since 1974. They are pure blessing of God, in His form as “Param Vaishnava Shankar.” If any devotee (of any God) wants good luck they need look no further than Rudraksha and Gems. And if they are not caring about good luck, then they should take 100% shelter of Krishna, come what may.

Padma Puranam, Chapter 57, Sri Bhagavan uvaca, "If a man always wears a Rudraksa, especially with fourteen mouths, permeated with God's auspicious power, he is always honoured and blessed by the demigods due to the greatness of his religious merit."---THIS is Lord Vishnu speaking.

There are many Vedic quotes by Lord Hari Himself praising Rudraksha. There is almost NOTHING about the powers of gems in Shastra, but Shastras are FULL of quotes praising Rudraksha.

And these Rudrakshas have different attributes noticed since thousands of years. Shaat-mukhi (6 faced) is related to Venus. And tantric Diamond also relates to Venus. So in absence of a BIG diamond, a combination of 6 faced Rudraksha with smaller diamond is a "double Venus" talisman... For GOOD LUCK, which is Karma misra bhakti in case of a devotee. Nothing wrong!

Also, Rudraksha cost almost nothing compared to gems. And in my experience they are 10 times more potent. For example, for Sade Sati there is nothing better on Earth than 14 faced Rudraksha, and has been so for thousands of years. No gem can come close.

For pure causeless bhakti there is no desire for talismans. And karma-misra-bhakti can use gems and Rudraksha. Of the two, Rudraksha of Param Bhagavat Lord Shiva Mahadeva is far superior with 0 bad effects and all auspicious for anyone. Thank God!!!

(C) 2006 Richard Shaw-Brown, PG